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"We have a vision. To be a church committed to supporting the most marginal among us. We are committed to change and growth; as a community, and to influence and support our city and our world"

                         Reverence Lawrence Nyarko, Minister Grace United Church



Grace United Church does not exist simply for the benefit of our own congregation. We exist to be a blessing to our community and the broader world. In 2009 Grace United founded Grace Place as our community outreach centre. Grace Place is the gathering place of people and organizations who make our community better. We welcome over 100,000 visits a year. At the foundation of Grace Place is Regeneration Outreach who serves meals seven days a week and provides those in need with laundry, health and social services. We are also the home of the Grace Place Community Kitchen, where people learn food and job skills, and the Graceful Art Gallery, where artists from the Regeneration Art Program display and sell their art work. Grace Place opens our doors to over 14,000 visits a year by people who seek guidance in self-help groups for their addictions.


Our over 60 partner organizations provide everything from teaching young parents about nutrition to seniors gathering for social time playing competitive cards. At our core is helping the most marginal in our community.


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