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Grace United Church Then and Now


It was in 1867 that a Wesleyan Methodist congregation built the current Grace United Church sanctuary.  Since its beginning in 1822, the congregation had moved several times, but the 1867 move was the last. As the congregation has grown over the years, so has the building. In 1887 the sanctuary was expanded on both sides to accommodate the increasing number of members and visitors.


Today, Grace United Church is not only home to its many members, but the overall Brampton community.  Staying true to its values of mission and service, Grace created Grace Place in 2009.  Grace Place Community Resource Centre is where organizations unite, providing services to better serve the Brampton community. With each unique organization delivering specific services, Grace Place renews the body, mind and soul of everyone who walks through our doors.


There is more than just worship that takes place within the walls of Grace. Today, it continues to serve the people of Brampton. From AA groups to dance fitness and teen parenting classes, Grace serves as a community hub where individuals and organizations come together to make life better.

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