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 Children's Church

We believe that our God is an exciting, life changing and transforming God, who loves to make a difference in the world through young people.  We want to see each young person build friendships, encounter the love of God, be encouraged, changed and equipped to impact their world by God’s power.


"No matter what the age of your child, the Grace United Church team is able to offer a supportive environment.  We work hard to assist your child  to grow in God's way"
-Linda Davis-

Taught to create impact

Noah's Nursery



In a clean and safe nursery space, young children up to age 3, are cared for by GUC nursery coordinators.  While parents are enjoying the worship service, children will be entertained with stories, games and activities.


Children 3-5 years old are invited to the Rainbow Room to participate in arts and crafts, sing songs, play games and, most importantly, hear stories from the Bible.


A class for children ages 6-9 years old. It is through music, drama, crafts and story telling that stories of the Bible come to life. Here, children are given the tools and resources to guide them in making good choices in life.


A class for children ages 9-12. During this time, children are able to develop their own personal relationship with God as we tackle issues, present the story of redemption and have spiritual conversations.


Middle and high school youth ask and answer questions that confront those who seek to live in God's way.  Through the Bible they learn how deal with day to day issues in their lives.

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