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Lost History

Below are some pictures taken through the years of people whom we haven't been able to identify. Please contact us if you have any information about the people or events in these photos!
A musical presentation? Maybe Gilbert and Sullivan?
Jim Seaborn e-mailed to let us know that this is the cast of Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe (or The Peer and the Peri), a comic opera.  
 Jim's grandparents, Reg and Jessie Wilson were members of Grace United. They had two daughters, (one of which was Jim's mother), Mary Idella Wilson who married Edward A. Seaborn on June 6, 1942. Their other daughter (Jim's aunt) was Eleanor S. Wilson, who married Francis M. Early, in either 1942 or 1943.
Jim's family lived on Mill St. North until he was 10 years old and he has fond memories of Grace and its neighbourhood.
Can you add more details about this picture or any of those below?
Lunch in the Church parking lot. Do you know when or the occasion?
Do you know any of these ladies?
We believe this picture was taken at the Brampton Fall Fair where the
church was providing full course meals. 
Do you know this lovely family? They are all decked out to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the sanctuary in 1967 or the 150th Anniversary of the congregation in 1972.
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