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Our Lead Minister
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REV. DR. THOMAS (TAE SUNG) SHIN  (“just call me Thomas!)

Thomas has a rich background in church and life experience.  He has been immersed in theological studies and pastoral ministry dating back to his mother country, South Korea.  His initial training was in the Methodist Church and he served in that church in both South Korea and the USA.  In Canada, Thomas earned an MA from Regent College at University of British Columbia and a PhD from McMaster University

Since 2015, Thomas has lived in Burlington ON with his wife, Sophia Han and their three children – Lucy, Lucas and Louise.

While Thomas had originally received theological and pastoral training at the Methodist institutes, he has served as a minister in the United Church since 2017. This was a decision he made as he neared the final stage of his doctoral program. His doctoral studies were in “human flourishing” in Christian Spirituality and Psychology.

Thomas puts his academic studies into practical applications with particular interest in the renewal of the Christian community as an integral space of soul care and Christ-discipleship ministry.

On a personal note, Thomas maintains a work-life balance through hobbies such as kickboxing (for which he holds a coaching license), running, reading the Bible with kids, researching successful churches, and playing with the family cats (Xumi and Midnight).

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