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To donate via Interac e-Transfer:

1. Log in to your bank and initiate an Interac e-Transfer.

2. Enter Grace United Church as the payee.

3. Enter as

    the recipient.

4. In the Interac e-Transfer message box include                  your envelope number* and what Fund(s)**               the donation is to go to. 

* If you do not have an envelope number, please e-mail your name and address to and we will assign one.


Your name and address is required so that we can issue tax receipts. If no envelope number is included then no tax receipt will be issued. 

** Available Funds:

  • 2024 Fundraising Dinner

  • 2024 Memorial & Bequest - in memory of someone

  • Appeal

  • General Fund

  • Mission and Service

  • Organ Restoration

  • Refugee Fund

  • Tribute Fund - to honour a birthday, anniversary or other occasion

  • Youth & Young Adults

If you wish your donation to be divided between funds, please indicate the amount to go to each fund in the message box.

If no fund is indicated, your donation will be assigned to the General Fund.

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